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Our Latest Vertical Solution

General Information:

Our home lift is specially designed with the family in mind. Having a small area for installation and not needing a lift shaft characterize its creative design. Other advantages include low noise, high security, reliable operation and easy installation. It is most suitable for domestic housing, Villa accommodation and reply type residence. It is also the best choice for increasing the quality of life for the elderly and disabled persons by reducing the need to use tiresome and dangerous stairs.

Our home lift has been developed, designed and manufactured according to world home lift standards. It does not need a machine room and is a bottom drive traction type with frequency converter drive standard. A hydraulic option is currently under development. A lift shaft can be supplied for most applications and the requirement for no pit means minimal building works.

Using the most advanced technology available in the world today our home lift is extremely safe and reliable. Using equipment levels similar to that of a standard elevator you can expect the functions and leveling capability to be exceptional. Other standard inclusions consist of broken strand, lift overload alarm, dual door protection and touch screen control system.

For the owner there is also the additional function of being able to watch the operation of the lift when it is running via a monitor.

Swing door opening is the standard supplied with all lifts. Other door opening types include side opening and center opening with other variations possible by request..

Main Points
  • Environmentally Friendly: Electric consumption is equal to one refrigerator during normal usage.
  • Value: Excellent value for money when considering function against performance..
  • Ease of Installation: No requirement of lift shaft to be provided and no need for a lift pit.
  • Safety of Operation: Standard inclusions of many devices for passenger safety.
  • Design: Innovative design that that also allows for personalized specification.

Drive system: 

Drive System: Frequency Inverter (V3F) Geared Traction Drive. Power Rating: Motor Power is 2.2KW/3HP Single Phase 220Volt/60hz, 240Volt/50Hz. Power Screw: System currently under Development.

Lift Cabin Design:

A wide choice of standard and architectural car finishes including painted steel, stainless steel, wooden and mirror finishes made to individual specifications is available.

A scenic cabin design is available can be combined with the any kind of decorated styles from other cabins.

Any specification inclusive of handrails, mirrors inclusive of etching can be provided.

General Specification:
Traction type

1 Load (kg) 200kg 2 person 260kg  3 person 320kg 4 person
2 Cabin Door Opening mm (wxh) 750×1900  750×1900  800×1900
3 Cabin Dimensions mm (wxd) 900×800 1000×900 1100×950
4 Shaft Dimensions mm (wxd) 1300×1300  1400×1400  1500×1450
5 Top Floor Height (mm) 2800
6 Pit Depth (mm) 300
7 Landing Door Opening Swing door
8 Use All Domestic Applications
9 Drive System Geared Traction Machine – Bottom Drive              (machine room less MRL)
10 Speed m/s 0.15-0.4
11  Control System AC V3F Frequency Converter PLC
12 Max. Stops 5
13 Maximum Travel mm 18,000
14 Motor Power (kw/hp) 2.2/3.0
15 Power Supply Single-Phase 220Volt/60HZ - 240Volt/50Hz (Nominal Current 10A) (3 phase available)

Standard & Optional Function

1 Overload Protection Standard
2 Overload Alarm Standard
3 Over Speed Protection Standard
4 Broken/Slack Rope Protection Standard
5 Automatic Lock Standard
6 Automatic Leveling with Open Door Standard
7 Automatic Closing Door Standard
8 Illumination Standard
9 Automatic Sleep Mode Inside Car Illumination Standard
10 Automatic Operation with no attendant needed Standard
11 Emergency Lowering System with Power Failure Optional
12 Automatic Car Doors Optional
13 Touch Screen Optional
14 Battery Back Up System Optional
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